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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

Nice episode, obviously set up for an epic part 2.

They are definitely going in the right direction with Rory, as he's starting to become a lot more confident.

Obvious lack of extras. I think I caught a line about everyone else working at the drill driving into work, and for some reason not being there that morning, but that still doesn't explain why next to an industrial drill there are two terraced houses in the middle of nowhere, with only it seems one family inhabiting the whole 'hamlet'. That seems a bit too contrived.

As for the Silurians, I'd only heard of them through reputation, having never seen them onscreen before. I liked them. A lot of depth to them really, from what I gleaned from the Doctor's conversation with the one they captured, unlike some overused villains I could name.
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