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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

Well, that was ....


Lots of riffing on classic Who (oddly, more like Frontios than the expected stories)

Not actually bad or anything, but really sort of slow, low key, took 45 minutes to tell us who next week's bad guys are, and looked remarkably cheap not in a bad-FX or design way but in a...

Well, this huge drilling project is staffed entirely by an old bloke, his son, and a middle aged woman. And the younger bloke's wife and son are the *only other people in town*

It's like Third-season Trek, when suddenly there were no extras anywhere... From the trailer it looks like, basically, they blew all the budget on part 2.

Chibnall's script sounds like it's quoting the writer's bible half the time, which is odd. Again, not actually bad, but weird that you can sort of feel it's quoting the guidelines. Or maybe it's just that the Moff has spoiled us with scripts this year.

And you just know everybody's going to be wondering about the arciness of that... opening scene with the regulars... when Confidential revealed it's just left over from an excised subplot. (apparently 15 minutes were sliced from the episode - about half what needed to go! - so I wonder if there'll be an extended DVD cut.)

Anyway, I'll call it 6/10 but I suspect that the overall story will be revised upwards next week.

Oh, and I wouldn't kick that lizard out of bed...
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