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Re: Where did Spock go?

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If Warped9 is obsessive and pathetic for mooting the argument, those who feel the need to come back at him again and again and again and again are, at the very least, just as obsessive and pathetic. If any of us had any perspective we would not be here.
Well...yes and no. You have a point, but - not surprisingly - I don't see it as quite so symmetrical.

As you pointed out uptopic, anyone who spends a lot of time here is fairly invested in Star Trek. That said, for some there's almost always something going on with Trek that we like, a lot, and that presents a current reason for our interest.

DS9 and Voyager largely bored me, but I liked Enterprise a lot and I like the current Abrams version a great deal. I like, but don't love, the Trek Remastered shows (and of course I have a rooting interest in fan art and film activities).

IOW, since at least the turn of the century there's been some current reason for me to be interested in what's going on with Star Trek as an ongoing series of entertainments. So there's always something interesting to talk with other enthusiasts about.

OTOH...the OP makes it clear repeatedly in a variety of ways that virtually nothing that's occurred with Trek in the last thirty years suits him very much. And yet here he is, almost every day, as well - essentially trying to win an argument with the rest of the world. And somehow, for some reason, at a Star Trek board(!) he finds himself surrounded by people who like Star Trek and like the very things he despises - ie, almost anything produced after 1980 (and how many people here weren't even born, then?) - and feel it's their right to say so right in front of him.

He tries repeatedly to construct topics and direct conversation in such a way as to rule out or dismiss the other POV and it isn't working. Never has, never will.

Beyond which, everyone who expresses a contrary opinion - even us obsessives - aren't doggedly committed to turning the conversation right back around to the most narrow, insulting terms possible. Two pages ago you made some nice moderate observations and in response I tried to turn the discussion toward a more generally pleasant (I hoped) recollection of remakes, good and bad sf movies in general. Yet somehow two pages later we're back to gnashing teeth because someone won't let go of the bone.

One of these things is not quite like the other, and the problem with "all things being equal..." is that all things never are.
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