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Re: The Thing prequel?

The Thing already covered the whole "bunch of dudes in Antarctica get infiltrated by a shape-shifting alien, their camp burns down and they all die horribly... or do they?" The Norwegians all die, as well. What's the fucking point of watching them do it realtime? It was much creepier seeing The Thing cast working through the wreckage, trying to figure out WTF happened.

I'd rather not see what happened on the alien ship, either. Watching proper non-humanoid looking aliens or humans as aliens ala Star Trek fight a shape shifter, then crash on Earth would be stupid.

The only thing that makes sense (to me) is a direct sequel like the video game where the military investigates the loss of contact with the outpost, shit hits the fan and we go from there. MacReady's brother or Norwegians or whatever is fucking dumb.
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