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Re: Where did Spock go?

Takes two to tango, though--and a lot more more for a good old fashioned clusterfuck. If Warped9 is obsessive and pathetic for mooting the argument, those who feel the need to come back at him again and again and again and again are, at the very least, just as obsessive and pathetic. If any of us had any perspective we would not be here.

Any discussion of fictive reality is ultimately just a game, anyway: a strong argument can be made that, meta-fictionally, all of Star Trek is either written by or based on ideas created by a black science fiction writer who suffered a psychotic break in the 1950s--after all, the tortured black genius Richard Daystrom "echoes" Benjamin Russell's "I created it!" (I develop this idea here) Likewise, Trek, in establishing an infinitely branching multiverse has given Trek '09 the ultimate "Get out of FAIL Free" card. (I develop this idea here) I find it infinitely more sad that so many people get so sanctimoniously upset when Warped9 and others try to play it. "It's just a movie" works both ways.
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