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Re: Where did Spock go?

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TOS inspired a lot of viewers and was assimilated into the broader collective consciousness. It is a visual document and a glimpse into another time. It shows how some ideas and concepts are timeless and universal.
Well, to you, it is those things.

To lots more people, it's a 60's television show, and does not and will never "matter" in the manner you describe.

ST09 will be just another barely remembered summer flick with no depth or redeeming value other than a waste of two hours you'll never get back.
Again, to you.

To lots more people, it was an enjoyable movie and they were happy with the result, moreso than had they sat and watched episodes of that old series that they "barely remember".

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I always marvel at those who profess to like something yet never miss a chance to demean it. It is a very recognizable behaviour of what's known as a self loathing fan.
Refusing to obsess over it to the level that you do does not demean it. It's a good television show. However, even good television shows do not matter. Star Trek 09 also does not matter. It's a movie.

Star Trek 09 matters to most people as much as TOS did. That is to say... not at all.

This much is clear though: You are that outcast fan who wanted to know the combination to Kirk's safe, 20 years older and a hell of a lot more bitter for it.
Anyone who posts regularly on this board and throws the "get a life" stone is living not in a house made of glass but rather of sugar.
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