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Re: Where did Spock go?

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"Matters"? To who?...

...The original Star Trek show does not and will not "matter" to anyone other than those who follow it a little too obsessively. Ditto with the spin-offs, the movies that followed it, and the new Star Trek movie.
Exactly. These things matter to those of us who like them. Investing any negative feelings toward versions of them or people who disagree about them is...perhaps the purview of intense fandom, but a waste of time and life nonetheless.

That the current movie is a success and that the overwhelming majority of Star Trek fans like and accept it has required continual moving of the goal posts for "success" on the part of those who disdain it. When we've reached the point of "in the long run you'll be proven wrong and we'll be proven right, just you wait and see" it's pretty clear that the attacks on the thing have just run completely out of ammunition.
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