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Re: Where did Spock go?

Warped9 wrote: View Post
And when ST09 is a largely forgotten project from many summers past TOS will still be there as the one that still matters.
"Matters"? To who?

I badly want to say "get a life" right now. Wait... I just did.

In what way is this 60's television show going to "matter" to anyone but incredibly bitter fanatics like you?

The original Star Trek show does not and will not "matter" to anyone other than those who follow it a little too obsessively. Ditto with the spin-offs, the movies that followed it, and the new Star Trek movie.

They're all equal in this regard: They do not matter, people do not care. 99% of people do not care about the new Star Trek film anymore than they care about The Dark Knight at this point. Which, I would imagine, is probably still more than they care for 60's Star Trek.

Why? It's a television show, therefore not worth the effort.
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