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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Thread III (Spoilers)

No one who has SEEN Smallville who is telling the truth could write the above.

If as they have always claimed, as many people have claimed about many shows, that they could make a better show if the powers that be didn't keep them so under heal... But now, because no matter what they do, it's still dole queues and breadlines for everyone after season 10, jimmny crickets, they might as well do a good job for once?

DS9 was mostly episodic, but they had a 14 hour final episode if you tacked all the episodes together.

Is that too much to ask for?

if you're given a Genie and told to make a wish, you don't ask for a sandwhich.


After watching a season of Aquaman on Blue Moutain State... It's amazing how they under utilized this guy considering what he seems to be capable of as a drunk moron. O, and Blue Mountain State also proved that Sam Jones III might just be worth more alive, than as a pelt.
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