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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Thread III (Spoilers)

I'm still pissed they didn't bring him back as Miles Dyson on Terminator after showing a still of Phil as Dyson in one of the earliest episodes of Sarah Connor.

Tom wants Lex Back?

Doesn't he have a personal relationship with Michael?

Which would mean that he could pressure his friend, or know exactly how adamant his friend is that he's not coming back... Gods? Tommy didn't mean recasting did he?

I personally assumed that Tess was Lex for the longest while.

The scene in the beginning where she's almost brought to tears '"sighing" over Lex's desk in the library, OH! Got it. He fucked her on that desk. Why would I possibly think that Lex had a brain transplant into a woman and then and there it was he who was commiserating over his former seat of power, his thrown even, when it was just plain ordinary Tess Mercer making sure that she didn't leave an ass impression on the vinear from being rooted quite well by Lex Luthor there atop some years before?

Would such an ass impression, if found, mean that she wanted to keep, bronze or burn the desk?

And anyways short of some sort of Cinderella fitting ceremony how could she be sure that it was her ass that indented the finish?
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