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The Thing prequel

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Anyone have more information or thoughts on the story Moore is doing a prequel to The Thing
The Thing Prequel Script Review
the bigger question that fans of The Thing want to know is whether this project is a creative failure at the script level and whether there’s any reason to look ahead. That’s precisely what I’m hoping to give to you by the end of this article, not a blow-by-blow summary of the story’s plot points.
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via April 27, 2010
Exclusive: Script review of The Thing prequel

budgeted at $35 million Universal's prequel to The Thing is now shooting up in Toronto, Canada with exteriors in British Columbia, Canada through mid-June.

Australian actor Joel Edgerton) (Smokin' Aces; "Owen Lars" to Star Wars fans), who plays a helicopter pilot
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the imdb listing:
The Thing (2011)
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