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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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Chuck would have to be a Klingon due to his beard and Steven could only play as a Vulcan because that's pretty much the extent of his acting abilities.
How about Bruce Willis?
How about Rush Limbaugh himself?

No evil force in the universe could defeat him of course. For that reason the movie might not have much suspense.

You know it...

And I know it.

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If you mean the radio talk show "Rush Limbaugh" ...with his 1st officer, Mr. Snerdly. - I would never miss that one! (probably not the one either)

Okay, for suspense - give him Al Franken, Hillary Clinton, and Michal Moore, who have infiltrated his crew!
--With Madame Huffington and Lord Olbermann thrown in for good measure, of course.

...Unless he just treats them the way TOS did the tribbles. ...that would be all too easy?

So, they would need to have transporter immunity for ongoing suspense.
Of course, the episode ends with Rushbo, Michael Savage, and Howard Stern all binding together to laugh it off, just like in "Day Of The Dove"....

Okay, enough of all that.

How about Bruce Willis?
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