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Re: Where did Spock go?

I know that I'm not going to convince anyone who disagrees with me in my post, but whatever.

As far as Spock not knowing that Kirk was 30 - 35, well, we ARE talking about a man who had just been thrown back in time, captured, exiled to a frozen wasteland, witnessed the destruction of his home planet, and THEN encountered a vastly younger version of his best friend. After all that, I think I personally could excuse a couple of years! So I believe that Spock Prime IS TOS Spock, as is the intent of the creators, and is predominantly (aside from one or two things {seriously, you point out "Kirk's not Captain?", and not Scotty's Transwarp beaming, something that's never happened in any of Trek until 09?}) borne out.

As far as the destination universe is concerned, I personally feel that the Kelvin's universe is a Parallel Universe to the original. There are too many differences for it to be the same universe to me, such as the size of the Kelvin.

I can excuse a few continuity errors, as long as I enjoy the film. And I DID enjoy the film! I'm sorry you didn't!
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