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standard definition video on BR discs

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Theoretically, if you had a BD player that wasn't too picky about standards you could put a whole season in SD MPEG2 on a Bluray.
Yes BD players will also play BD discs with standard definition video files.

Captain Euphoria already suggested this and Mr. Laser Beam answers him and you ts1279.
Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
People expect Blu-Ray discs to contain actual high definition content. You *could* release TNG on BR, but in standard def; hell, an entire season could probably fit on one disc. But if you're not going to upgrade the content, why bother?
CBS Home video's marketing department sells two products.
Standard definition versions of the TV series as DVDs and High definition versions of the TV series as Blu-ray discs.

If a consumer were to purchase a Blu-ray disc and the video is not in high definition there would be a lot of confusion. Marketing departments don't want this to happen.
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