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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Actually, Starship Troopers is a pretty successful movie in most respects - it just wasn't the movie that Heinlein fans wanted. Some of the satire is wicked (and a lot of the parody is heavyhanded).

The sustained lack of feeling in Starship Troopers is neither an accident nor a misjudgment, IMAO.
Starship Troopers bombed at the box office because people didn't get it. I laughed through so much of it, but the general audience isn't looking for that kind of disguised humor. The conventions of the films they enjoyed were being skewered and, as with The Last Action Hero, they resisted. But LAH was indeed a crappy film. But I still laughed.

Personally, I always thought RoboCop succeeded, not because the audience was particularly insightful, but because they had no idea it was satirical. They just considered it a good movie ("those commercials were fun-nee!"). The sequels overplayed the "satire" and forgot the "good" part.
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