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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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The only thing missing was an Arex-alike nonhumanoid alien on the crew.
I know you mention non-humanoid, but I think Thelin counts as the 'alien'

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I found it very amusing that in the space of a two-minute conversation on the hanger deck the security guy could fall so totally in love
You know, that very thing bugged me about "Space Seed" when I was a kid. However, I am not sure 'love' is the correct term here. I feel it was more about admiration and respect. Prescott is a rather 'by the book' guy, but Carmen was able to break through that exterior and reach the 'human' portion of Prescott. Ironic...the rest of the crew is more about returning her and keeping the timeline, and the 'by the book' guy regrets it...
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