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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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Star Trek as a franchise is based on the "humanity is different and evolved" ideal. I don't see that as a criticism of TNG as such. In fairness, it's a criticism of DS9, since whilst an excellent show, it was not in sync with Trek values.
How so? How are humans in DS9 "less evolved" than those in TNG? The humans in TNG were flawed; Geordi was reserved, Picard was arrogant, Riker famously had stink-nuts, and admiral after admiral was shown to be corrupt. As far as I'm concerned, the notion that humanity is evolved is little more than propaganda that Federation diplomats, including Picard, are forced to spread around the galaxy, there's almost no evidence for it in the show itself.
Earth was said to be a paradise, no war, no poverty, etc. This is the whole idea of the franchise.
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