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Re: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Discussion & Grading

1st, There were way too many "Jump Scares" if thats what they're called. Where everything is quiet and then BAM!!! a loud jolt. It got kinda old after 7-8 of them.

2nd, I thought Freddy's kills were way too quick and easy. That was the cool thing about the originals. Freddy at least toyed with his prey.

3rd, The way they started off the story with the blonde chick (who looked waay to old to be in High School) and then seemed to go from one character to the next as they were killed off didn't make sense. How did they figure out what was really going on. It was as if you were expected to figure that the last 2 characters were watching the movie with you. They dropped the ball big time on this aspect...
Overall I give it a C-
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