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Re: Where did Spock go?

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post
No religious devotion of Trek here. I realize and still think it is a work of fiction. Now, making that fiction make sense so I can enjoy it a little better is more a personal past time or hobby. Now, that's a different matter.

But I don't decorate my house in Trek, nor do I run to the super market in a uniform. Nor do I mention Star Trek at all to a girl until we have become a little more serious. Unless of course she is a nerd and or a Trekkie herself.

As for everyone else. I can't speak to that effect. I don't know everyone.
I was speaking in a broad sense.
However I used to obsess over this stuff - to a point where I created useless stress upon myself, and got really offended when others did not take it as umm serious.

Sure I love thinking out some of the apparent contradictions and or try to reconcile odd (what I from a fan pov none needed) "changes" intended or by omission across the shows and episodes.

And then I began to look at it all from the show runner/writers shoes and it made me a much less obsessive person about the whole deal.

I don't think even GR took it all so super serious - well, not until he began to buy his own hype that is later in life.
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