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Re: Smallville Summer Hiatus Thread III (Spoilers)

I am still not well...but I just wanted to add...

AM closing the Chloe chapter is good...really no need to have her as a regular after the last 2 seasons of destroying the character.

No Tommy Tights? The suit could be like Dr Fates...which wasn't too bad...not a Superman look...I am guessing it will be leather like Fates & Green Arrow...hopefully with a cape.

MR atleast has to come back for 3 eps...once in the fall and then for the finale and once before that.

I just hope every ep is good and not Clois filler nonsense. I would like to see a L* ep and a few more JLers.

I think they need to bring KK back and fix what happened to Lana...I may be in the minority on that.
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