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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

indolover wrote: View Post
Star Trek as a franchise is based on the "humanity is different and evolved" ideal. I don't see that as a criticism of TNG as such. In fairness, it's a criticism of DS9, since whilst an excellent show, it was not in sync with Trek values.

Is the Roddenberry vision realistic? I don't think it is personally. But it is art.
Well, I can see you never read MY post.

And I'm calling bullshit on your 'DS9 is not in sync with Trek values'.

TNG is not in sync with TOS's 'values'. And Roddenberry created both of them. Roddenberry and his 'values' changed horses mid-stream and got all 80's PC on us, which was precisely his downfall. The TOS universe was NOT the story of a perfectly 'evolved' crew jetting around the universe spreading the Federation Gospel via arrogant speeches pointing out the flaws of everyone but them. It was the story of a flawed hero and his crew being a group of pioneers of exploration and adventure in the great unknown.

But like I didn't read my post.
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