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Re: Where did Spock go?

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With all due respect to the character, in the grand plan of the universe how important or irreplaceable was Lily? The impression I received was that she was to be one of the crewmembers on the first flight, either in Riker's or LaForge's position. But how many people can remember the name of the flight engineer on the B-29 that dropped Chuck Yeager's plane the on day he broke the sound barrior?

Well, after Picard's little show and tell of the future to Lily: I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't slit Cochrane's throat open and drink from it in order to take all the glory.

The thing is that she might have played a minor role in the original time line. But now all that has changed seeing Picard buttered her up and turned her into some kind of larger than life person within history.

Picard should have shut his trap and stunned her as many times as needed.

Hello? Did we forget the Temporal Prime Directive?

I thought one of the most interesting changes, an obvious change, was that on the wall on the observation lounge behind the bridge there were previous ships that had been named enterprise (Human only and Starfleet). Prior to FC, Archer's ship was absent, after FC it was present. I believe that Cochrane push to have the first long range explorer starship named Enterprise and that in the original timeline he didn't. Archer's ship still existed and Archer was still the Captain, but the ship held a different name.
Yes. Yes. This is the type of gold that I try to dig up and give to people. Definitely awesome little nuggets. For all who want to see it of course.
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