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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

Marina's impression of the show may be a bit biased by behind-the-scenes stuff rather than what happened onscreen. For example, Michael Dorn has said in interviews that he had much more fun on the set of TNG than on DS9, and since Dorn and Marina are friends she probably took that to mean that the show itself was boring. Also, Marina was friends with Terry Farrell from before Farrell got the job on DS9, so the somewhat acrimonious departure of Farrell from the show might also have caused Marina to side against it.

That's my guess at any rate, but that's because I can't see how anyone could consider DS9 boring.

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Picard is the guy you'd want to be your lawyer if you ever went to tax court or something.

The fun factor for Picard is WAAAAAAYYYY down.
I don't know, I think he's fun. He sits at his desk most of the day reading stuff on his computer while drinking tea. He acts aloof, smug and sanctimonious. He complains about young people.

He's like me, but with a Yorkshire accent.
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