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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

I don't really see him that way in the later seasons, though, compared to how he was written early on in TNG. I mean, I see a lot of complaints about his comments in "Who Watches The Watchers?" and I'd probably agree that they were not worded as well as could have been. But in the context of the specific story, I do agree with Picard's reasoning that the Feds shouldn't allow themselves to become the basis for a new religion just because their attempt to study the Mintakans discreetly failed.

"Tapestry" is a good example of this - Picard had to relive one of the most painful events of his life, one which he believed was a great mistake, but realized that it ultimately represented a huge part of the leader he became. Without that flaw, he was not the same person.

No offense, Nerys - I hear what you're saying. But the perception I'm getting from your posts is that you think Picard's character didn't evolve much from his S1 portrayal and grow into a better character, and I would have to disagree with that assumption. When it comes to the "superior humans" view, I agree with both you and PKTrekGirl that it's a bad idea. And I'm glad it was dropped to some degree later on in TNG and the writing improved.

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