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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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Over the years, I have heard a lot of Trek fans (particularly TNG and VOY fans, but others also) bitch about how certain aspects of DS9 (particularly the darker parts, the war, etc) were 'not in keeping with Gene Roddenberry's vision' and are therefore abhorrent on their face.
I do still hear that sometimes, but to be fair, a lot of Trek fans seem to recognize that DS9 is much closer to TOS in spirit as far as character interactions are concerned, and in its portrayal of space as the frontier. So, both opinions are out there and, in a sense, I think both are true.

DS9 is closer to TOS in certain important respects, but no doubt further from the original premise of the five year mission than other Trek series. That combination is one of the things that makes it great. DS9 takes many of the best aspects of the original Trek idea, turns other aspects inside out, and adds additional layers of character and story development.
I can buy this and agree with it.

What I was really moving toward in my discussion, however, was one aspect of this. I feel that DS9 was more of a return to the flawed hero model - not just with the character of Sisko, but with all of the DS9 characters. None of them would win Citizen of the Month...but they were all interesting and for the most part, fun to watch.

And in that respect, more like TOS than TNG was.

Certainly, it is obvious that TNG 'wins' if we are talking about ' a spaceship flying around the universe' as a model. But I am not at all convinced that a space ship is what made TOS memorable. At least it didn't for me.

Even as a tiny kid (I was a toddler watching TOS when it first aired in the 60's) the coolest things about TOS to me were Kirk and Spock. I loved Spock because he made the concept of 'aliens' alot less scary to toddler PKTrekGirl...and I liked Kirk because even at that age, I sensed he was 'fun'.

Incidentally, to this day I can't seem to warm up to McCoy...because of my 3 year old's perception that 'he was always mean to Spock'.

As for the new movie, I'm most grateful that they ditched some of the TNG-era stuffiness that continued to plague DS9 as well, especially the lack of musical variety. Modern Trek shows could have done so much with music, yet they are all incredibly bland from that point of view.
See...I don't really have a problem with the music. Now, Babylon 5 or LOST it is not, when it comes to the score. But I quite like both of the DS9 themes as well as the VOY theme...and the episode background music, while not exactly memorable, is not terrible either. It sets moods - it does not take on a life of it's own, like it does in B5 or it does occasionally in LOST.

There is actually one scene in B5 that I like more for the music than I do for what actually happens in the scene. And in truth, I'm not really sure if that is a good thing or not. It means the music is good, obviously...but SHOULD the music take on a life of it's own? SHOULD it be in the forefront as opposed to the background, simply because it is so good?

I don't know the answer to that.
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