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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

Many people have asked me about this.. so..

Here is my shoddy attempt at coloring the Tardis as seen in it's own reality..

if you look closely in the downloaded-able version, you will see near the bottom of the time sceptre the cloister room, which is adorned with a massive seal of Rassilon, a homage by the Time Lord engineers to the creator of their power..

the tardis is white, with some metallic silver, reddish copper, and gold, and blue glowing lights, with blinking lights and at the base of the Dynamorphic generators (under the pillars/columns), the bulbs pulse and rotate like the classic Star Trek Enterprise, while 2 gyro bars spin around the bulb in opposite directions..producing a light effect at the base..

in addition to that, the fan like section just below the cloister room, which has what look like fingers pointing downward, spin and draws energy particles up from the vortex spinning below the time sceptre..which then get drawn upwards to the intake section above the cloister deck, and are forced into the reaction chamber, whereby they are super collided into atron energy the life blood of the Tardis ship..and an energy field is emitted from the top, and excess particles are expelled from the crown of the pillars of destiny creating a matter bubble in which the Tardis can exist.. these particles are then re-excited and replenished via the open vortex below the Tardis Time Sceptre, and the process continues in a cycle..

In addition to the universal Gyros, and the particle propeller, the entire Tardis itself is slowly spinning in a clockwise direction..

to download the full size, go here:

zombie Tardis...

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