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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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....... TNG's effects didn't age well, but worse than that...I started to see the truly repugnant philosophy behind it, especially embodied in Picard.......
Curious.... what "Repugnant Philosophy" would that be?


And in regard to The Original Series, Voyager and Enterprise, I always found it hard to get into the Original Series.... it was just way to over-dramatic with the acting, the explanations of space and science at the time is very dated, and the effects and props, while I completely understand were from back in the 60's, being born in 1980, I always found it all pretty dated and hard to relate to.

Voyager had the disadvantage for me in that I was still watching TNG episodes on a regular basis and trying to get updated in the DS9 series, there just wasn't any time to get involved into Voyager.... that and I found the character development was really lacking, which made it even harder for me to relate to them.

Enterprise took the worst of my approvals and I never even given one episode a full watch through until about half a year ago.

Since I have yet to watch Voyager all the way through and I've only gotten through the first season of Enterprise, I can not state my official stance on either of the shows, but I know they both fall behind TNG and DS9.

When I do get through both seriesezezez, I'll give a detailed and more honest view on them.

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