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Re: Smallville to end at season 10(finally!)

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Looks like Tom Welling finally told them no to any more seasons. Good for him. The CW would have milked this show for 20 seasons if Welling kept doing it for the money.

Thank god this terrible show is ending next year.
Is someone strapping you down and forcing you to watch this show?? What do you care if it's still on?

I'm surprised that there hasn't been a "Is this show still on?" post yet in this thread.

Even as loopy as this show has gotten, I still enjoy it. Although, it has needed to become less Smallville and more of a Young Superman show for some time.
That's pretty much the show's problem.
Now that the Kandorians are gone it's mostly a story about Watchtower, Green Arrow and Checkmate with some relationship drama added and only a few Superman references here and there.
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