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Re: Where did Spock go?

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How Cochrane behaved to the Landing Party of the 1701 Enterprise is not necessarily an indication of a timeline problem. Between the year between FC and Metamorphosis, he did seem to clean up his act (if you believe what history wrote about him and that first ST:Enterprise Episode) and with many years of interfacing with the Companion, there is no telling what it did to some of his memories and personality.
After he stopped getting drunk and re-telling the story, he might have just had a personal policy of holding his tounge on the whole subject.

Luther Sloan wrote: View Post

Time Line B:

First Contact

In First Contact the film: we see Picard reveal future life details and technology to two very important individuals within history (i.e. Lily and Cochrane). Such an occurrence would have logically influenced the Federation and Starfleet into becoming more advanced technologically. However, (despite a few minor little alterations or nitpicks and knowledge of the Borg's attack on Earth in the past) when Picard and crew returned back to their own time, there was no noticeable or major changes to the time line. This means that this is either a fixed (or altered) time line that Picard returned to or a nearly identical separate time line.
With all due respect to the character, in the grand plan of the universe how important or irreplaceable was Lily? The impression I received was that she was to be one of the crewmembers on the first flight, either in Riker's or LaForge's position. But how many people can remember the name of the flight engineer on the B-29 that dropped Chuck Yeager's plane the on day he broke the sound barrior?

I thought one of the most interesting changes, an obvious change, was that on the wall on the observation lounge behind the bridge there were previous ships that had been named enterprise (Human only and Starfleet). Prior to FC, Archer's ship was absent, after FC it was present. I believe that Cochrane push to have the first long range explorer starship named Enterprise and that in the original timeline he didn't. Archer's ship still existed and Archer was still the Captain, but the ship held a different name.

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Well I did want to keep this subject on point between TOS and ST09, but if you insist. Anyone who is familiar with my opinions over the years around here likely know that I don't consider the '80s films and TNG part of the same continuity as TOS either.

For a host of reasons.
It would seem that TOS leads to TAS leads to TMP, it looks fairly obvious anyway. After that Warped9 it admittedly becomes less clear. You can have a single continuity without ejecting entire series , if instead you peel off only select episodes. Or in some cases only a relatively few scenes from those episodes, Warped9 you have to admit it's only a few snippets of dialog that really screws up the over all continuity.

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I dunno, I'd quite like an infinite number of Doctor Crushers.
An infinite number of Beverlys giving birth to an infinite number of Wesleys
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