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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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As a Star Trek fan, one thing I have noticed is that these so called Niners are rarely able to esteem the value of their favourite show without denegrating The Next Generation. Try asking a Niner what was so great about DS9 and they'll respond with something like: "oh yeah, it was awesome, it was dark, shades of grey, blah blah blah, and it was much better than TNG. TNG sucked - etc etc".
They can never talk about DS9 without referencing TNG. I think they have some kind of complex.
We're the ones with the complex? So far, in a poll of 61 Niners only two have voted against TNG. 87% of respondents either like or love TNG. Perhaps you shouldn't malign entire groups of people based on encounters with only a handful of them, especially in a thread that proves you to be 87% wrong.

Yes, I do think that DS9 was a better show than TNG, and I preferred that it was darker and had more shades of grey. That's not a criticism, when I say those things I'm not denigrating TNG, I still love that show. I just happen to love DS9 more for those reasons.
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