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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

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On the one hand, I really like what they're doing with 3D now. On the other hand, my dad, who's been a Trek fan since the first episode in 1966, wouldn't be able to come on board because he can't see out of one eye, hence no 3D experience for him. A part of me thinks 3D is only going to be viable once it can be seen with your own eyes and not by wearing special gear like goofy looking glasses. How that would be possible, I don't know.

The other problem with 3D is that the camera is still doing a lot of the work for your eyes, which I've noticed kinda confuses my eyes at times in the theater. For instance, while watching Clash of the Titans, I noticed during scenes where the action is quick and things are darting in front of the camera, the camera is automatically focusing on the image I'm supposed to be looking at. If, however, my eye happens to wander to the wrong image, my eyes, thinking I'm looking at the three dimensional surface, try to focus on that blurry object instead. When the action moves too quickly, my eyes aren't sure where to focus, and I end up with a minor headache.
Clash of the Titans was originally filmed in 2D. It was remastered into 3D. I never saw the new version, because I still think Medusa from the original CotT, just can't be beat. Friends who did see it in 3D didn't like it, they gave complaints similar to yours, while those who saw it in 2D thought better of it.
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