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Itzin is Bitchin

I wanted to start a thread in honor of Gregory Itnin. He plays PRESIDENT LOGAN on the current season of 24, but he started playing the role back in season 4.

We started re-watching the earlier seasons of 24 and have just finished season 4; Itzin's first season. I never really gave this guy credit, but this guy can act. His President Logan has been about as smarmy as you can imagine. He rival's Sherry (24 fans know what i mean) in his evilness.

You just love to hate this guy. He has an ability to sell anyone a bill of goods, then watch them fall apart and blame the buyer for believing in him at all.

He played in an episode of DS9, and he even appeared on Boston Legal. But here, on 24, he makes a great villain. I hope he survives this final season and makes it to the big-screen in the soon to come 24 movie.


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