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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

How about these:

1. The nuEnterprise design from Star Trek 09 is the GREATEST ever!!
2. The Enterprise E is the WORST design ever!
3. I wasn't bothered at all in Star Trek 09 when Vulcan blew up, Amanda died and we found out Spock and Uhura were doing each other, or that Engineering looked like a water treatment plant.
4. Nero was the GREATEST Star Trek villain EVER!
5. Shinzon was the NEXT best villain EVER!
6. I thought that the nuEnterprise's bridge looking like an Ipod store was a brilliant example of set design.
7. Star Trek 09 didn't have ENOUGH lens flares.
8. Centaurian Slugs from Star Trek 09 were obviously NOT inspired by Ceti Eels from Star Trek 2.
9. It didn't bother me AT ALL that Harry Kim was never promoted in the entire run of Voyager.
10. The character of Seven of Nine was obviously added due to the new dramatic possibilities the character had, NOT her smoking hot body.
11. It doesn't bother me AT ALL that Capt. Kirk's shirt gets ripped whenever he gets in a fight.
12. Enterprise does NOT create any continuity problems.
13. Ferengi are NOT AT ALL annoying.
14. It doesn't bother me that most food shown in TOS looked like bread soaked in food dye...oh, was!
15. TOS was not sexist AT ALL!
16. I really missed Tasha Yar after they killed her off.
17. I would've missed Wesley if they killed him off, too!
18. DS9 was obviously NOT inspired by Babylon 5.
19. I would have preferred to see Jack Lord play Capt. Kirk.
20. Star Trek-TMP did NOT utilize elements of The Changling, The Doomsday Machine or The Immunity Syndrome!

Ho, Ho
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