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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

Even when Sentai can be downright silly at times it can totally pull out the kickass moments and dramatic moments

take for instance the green ranger actually dying.

The red ranger and green ranger were actually brothers

Or Abarekiller's death

Sorry for the Hong Kong subs. No one has subbed this series properly up to the point of his death.

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While ABC is cancelling Power Rangers, what about the original Japanese source material? Are they still making Sentai series in Japan?
They go on like nothing happened. They do their own thing.

Do a youtube search for Goseiger subbed. It's a pretty interesting show.

In the past all Toei(the company behind the marketing and such of the sentai series) did was provide a rough outline to the American folks and then the American production crew/writers winged it.

Take this article for instance. It's almost spot on for what happened behind the scenes

None of which mattered, because this year, Chip crowed, the Sentai has given us everything we could ask for! Have you seen these early pictures? The robots are spaceships? They ride fling jet-things! My god- we can turn this series into a war in space with no effort at all, and tie off everything perfectly! The Sentai had handed them everything they ever wanted, the Rangers were high schoolers, just like PR had always done, and they had a team of EVIL RANGERS to fight, the plot PR had wanted to do for 6 years!

...and then he saw the actual episodes.
"What do you mean they never go to space?"
Megaranger, touted as a 'Space Sentai,' was actually video-game themed. They never left Earth, their ship was in orbit, it just flew down to Earth for the fights. There was no footage of the ships sailing the stars, no alien landscapes or monsters, no... SPACE at all from the Sentai that was destined to be 'Power Rangers in Space.'

"Fuck it, we're doing it anyway."
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