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Mr. Scott
Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

DS9 was a much better show than TNG. Not that TNG was bad show, but the first season was almost unwatchable and really did not find its feet until the third season. I have TNG on DVD, and I skip probably 40% of the stories.

I have DS9 also, and this show hit the ground running since the pilot episode. I rarely skip over any episodes. This show was good until the final episode. It never let me down. Really the only unwatchable episodes are Bashir with the retarded Augments (the mustached crazy guy, the overly sexaulized woman, the wierd old man and the girl who wouldn't talk,) and the episode where Keiko is possessed by an evil being.

Another thing I really liked about DS9 that it was about family and relationships. Sisko and Jake, Nog, Rom, Quark, Moogie, and Zek, Keiko, Miles and their kids. I do hate the episode at the end of Season 7 when Sisko went away to the Prophets leaving a pregneant Kasidy and Jake alone. Made no sense and made me cry in the end. I loved the DS9 characters. TNG, except for Picard, Data, Worf and Dr. Pulaski, they all couold have been thrown out of an airlock.
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