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Re: Mac Gimp Help Request

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Thanks, spinnerlys. I'm going to give those a whirl.

Now here's another question -- how do people capture video (ie a few seconds) in order to animate it?
It depends what you want to capture.

Your Mac most likely has an iSight camera built into it, that you can use to capture yourself or something else via QuickTime Player or Photo Booth.
The resulting video should be easily importable into iMovie.

Then you can also capture video from an external source, like a DV/HDV camera via Firewire and iMovie.
To capture analog video (VHS for example) you need something like this.

And you can also capture online video (YouTube, Vimeo) via the Firefox Video Download Helper add-on or the Safari Activity Window or even ClickToFlash.

And QuickTime X (comes with Mac OS X 10.6 - Snow Leopard) can also capture your screen, like ScreenFlow can too.
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