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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Thanks for the info, Luther Sloan. I see where you're coming from, but I'm afraid I don't agree with your conclusions

It's the basic "Cause and Effect" theory within Temporal Mechanics. If I do "Action A" it will result in "Option B". If I go back in time and tell an important person within history of the future he is going to have and the impact that he has made along with other future advancements: do you think there wouldn't be a change (when I got back to my own time)?

Well, to assume that there wouldn't be a change when you got back would be ludicrous. That important person in history will forever be changed by my influence (if that person believed I was from the future). Essentially, that person's whole perception would change because of it. The person would make different choices or decisions as a result. Thus changing history. And it would be a noticeable change because you influenced someone who was already important within Earth's history.

Since it's been asked for by Warped9, Vonstadt and others, here's some trivial "proof" that Spock Prime is the Spock from TOS:

His working with the Romulans (seemingly in the open now) is a continuation of his work in TNG "Unification", and the improved Federation/Romulan relations at the end of "Nemesis".

He repeated the line "I have been and always shall be your friend" from Wrath of Khan.

"Something I learned from an old friend" is reference to the repeated time-travels during TOS and the TOS movies.

His knowledge of Transwarp Beaming suggests he knew the ressurected Scotty from TNG "Relics". It's likely Scotty finally perfected his Transwarp beaming formula after his return owing to the obvious fact it was never used during TOS or TNG.
There are realities that are not just similar, but almost identical to one another (Please read below).

Of course you'll all say "similar things happend to an alternate Old Spock". Same goes for every episode of Star Trek ever made.
Data says in TNG's "Parallels" that there are infinite number of possible outcomes in other parallel universes. This suggests that there are other parallel realities (or time lines) that almost identical or almost indistinguishable to one another (not just similar).

__________________________________________________ ___

I believe the quantum fissure we
discovered is a fixed point across
the space-time continuum -- a
"keyhole" that intersects many
different quantum realities.

What do you mean by "quantum

For any event, there is an
infinite number of possible
outcomes. Our choices determine
which outcome will follow. But
there is a theory in quantum
physics that all possibilities
that could happen do happen in
alternate quantum realities.

For instance, in a different
quantum reality, Captain Riker may
have chosen to sit at the other
end of the table. While in
another reality, the Captain may
be standing.


So at this moment, there are an
infinite number of Enterprises...
and an infinite number of Doctor
Crushers having this discussion.

Yes. Although on some of those
Enterprises, there may not be a
Doctor Crusher...

And somehow I have been shifting
from one reality to another...

That is correct.

__________________________________________________ __

In addition: TOS's "Metamorphosis" shows a young Cochrane who doesn't seem to think it is coincidence that he runs into another crew from a starship named "Enterprise", either. This suggests that we are looking at a time line that has not altered by the events of we see in the film First Contact yet.

However, as a result of the movie First Contact: We see a small handful of clear examples that the time travel event within the film has effected the time stream now (VOY's Year of Hell, VOY's Relativity, ENT's Regeneration). This would suggest that things have indeed changed within the time line.

Furthermore, lets say you believe that the time travel incident in First Contact was the original time line that was meant to be there all along. Well, the scene where we see a Borg like Earth when the Enterprise was following the Borg sphere back in time suggests that time lines can be briefly created and then changed in an instant. So the theory that a temporal incursion was always there to begin with is not really make all that much sense.

As for Time Lines D and E (Enterprise and TAS): Well, those are pretty self evident that they are not even remotely similar to the Prime Time Line (Versions l or ll).

You're interpreting everything after First Contact and the others as changed timelines when the intent is that they were predestination paradoxes. There obviously had to be an original timeline prior to the various loops beginning, but IMO we never saw it. We've had proof that the Enterprise timeline was changed by at least two big events ("Shockwave" and the Xindi attack), but the way I see it nowadays, TOS, TNG and the rest are all the result of this tampering.

Don't get me wrong, you can believe what you want and there is loads of evidence to support your claims. Owing to the way the multiverse theory works you could argue an episode takes place in an alternate universe where the only difference is that Uhura applied her socks left-first instead of right-first today. Where do you draw the line between continuity errors and alternate universes?

I just take a more relaxed view of continuity gaffs, broken reverse-continuity and the rest.
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