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Re: Star Trek LCARS Operating System, Not a theme

Hi guys,
Its the same guy.
LCARS Linux has started to fly.
We have got 5 Coders/Idea Bringers and the OS has already started to be made.
We have got a few concepts, a forum and some documentation which will soon be ported into a Wiki for easier customization and editing.

We also have a development blog at:
If you want up-to-date info, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed.
We have since developed new ideas for things that will need to be made from the ground up, which will need nearly 1,000,000 lines of code we believe, So we dont expect a first Beta until around about 2012.
We have set the date so far ahead so we have to time to get all major kinks and bugs out, but we will need testers for the minor bugs.


EDIT: Might help if I give you the link:
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