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Re: Saban re-acquires rights to 'Rangers'

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I also enjoyed watching the stunt footage; it was entertaining watching athletically gifted people demonstrate their skills.
After giving up at the start of Turbo, this is what got me back, specifically Ninja Storm. I know you weren't a fan of the show, but I wasn't looking for much depth when I came across it, since it was Power Rangers. Rather, I liked that the fight choreography was much faster, that hand movements (blocks, parries, punches, etc) were emphasized a lot more, and that superpowers were used far more often than they were before. It could have been a side effect of how Hollywood was adopting a more East Asian attitude towards fight scenes (American fight scenes used to serve only plot purposes, but Wuxia fight scenes serve to show off physicality, fluidity, and beauty) thanks to the Matrix and Crouching Tiger, but to see that attitude adopted much more deliberately for Power Rangers was such a nice twist to see. Doubly so since in the past, little actual martial arts were used; kicks were just kicks, they weren't really patterned after specific styles, for example. Fight scenes of the past seemed clunky and unappealing, but NS' fight scenes seemed terrifically modern and hyperkinetic.

Story aside, my one complaint about NS was its legacy: it made sense for our heroes to have non-Ranger powers in civilian mode. They're studying exaggerated takes on traditional ninja abilities with a magical bent. However, each season after that, every Ranger team had to have civilian powers, and each reason became more convoluted and forced, such as mutantcy. The only one that really made sense theme wise was Mystic Force, for obvious reasons. (the two exceptions: Tommy and Adam holding their own with their superpowered successors, despite not having any real offensive powers themselves! Skill and experience over gimmicks)
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