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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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I won't even start playing until my favourite TMP bridge is avaialable!
Heheh, the star cruiser bridge in the C-store is based on the TMP bridge, exept that it's the size of a circus tent. 43 metres in diameter. You sit slightly aft of the centre, about 18m from your helm and tactical officers. I liked to imagine that my captain kept a bullhorn next to the captain's chair when I was using it.

For klingon bridges, it's easy to imagine that the captains are miked up to a PA system to shout and growl their orders across their giant bridges. (The "Carrier" bridge pack features warehouses with captains chairs in them. 70 metres by 50 metres. Though mine had some nice attack saurs roaming around the lower deck. ^.^ )
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