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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

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I voted that I loathe TNG. TNG has always put me to sleep. I'll never understand why TNG was/is popular. There is nothing good about it. It's boring, it has almost no action, it rarely has any SciFi stories, it has zero story development, it almost never has any interesting story, it has zero conflict, it has zero character development, the characters it does have are not even interesting; they are all cardboard-cutout talking heads with generic, almost 100% interchangeable dialogue. It is nothing at all like TOS.

The exact reason why S1 of DS9 is bad is because it is like TNG.

TNG is one of the worst SciFi shows of all-time.
I can understand not liking it, but some of what you say just isn't true. It wasn't non stop action, but there were a number of action episodes each season. Also Worf, Picard and Data (and Riker to a lesser extent) got a lot of character development.

And the dialogue wasn't interchangeable. You couldn't switch any of the main character's dialogue and have it make sense, unless it was technobabble.

Are you seriously saying that Worf could deliver Picard's lines and it wouldn't make a difference??

Again, not liking the show is understandable. But at least be accurate in your criticisms.
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