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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

The option I want to vote for isn't up there.

When I was little, I thought TNG and DS9 were both great shows...I was probably into TNG more, because it was simpler and easier for a child's mind to grasp.

Now that I am older--I find that DS9 has aged far better, and the plots are at a level that really makes me think now that I'm grown.

TNG's effects didn't age well, but worse than that...I started to see the truly repugnant philosophy behind it, especially embodied in Picard. While I have good childhood memories of TNG, and there are still certain movies and episodes I like...for the most part I haven't watched it in over a decade so that I keep the good memories as they are, rather than spoiling them.

So overall--I would say "liked it at first--now can't stand it."
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