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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Warped old friend, I hate to do this to you, but...
the Spock of the movie is the Spock of TOS. Because that's what the writers intended.

By the same token, the Spock of TOS is not the Spock of the movie. Just because Nimoy happened to be the actor playing him doesn't make the 2009 film any more authoritative with regard to the events and characters of TOS than the series Enterprise was. TOS was a complete work in 1969. That has not changed.
Abrams and Nimoy really have nothing to say about it.
Though I enjoyed the film, i have to admit I share Warped and Beaker's assestment of the Spock issue.

And Yes I read all through the thread. I have yet to read a statement other than that is what the writer's intented. As the old saying goes...the road to hell...etc.

If you do not produce your intented effect, you have not done so. Basically the writer's were lazy and made a rather shoddy attempt to connect the dots between TOS and ST09. *shrugs*

I don't think anyone is arguing their intent...just the results.

I remember being a little stunned at Spock's "you are not the captian?" line given the year of the film and the appearance of Pine Kirk's age.

Leaving an audience to explain away an error is just lazy writing. *shrugs*

It is what it is. I acknowledge that their intent was it was to be TOS's Spock. They missed their intented mark as far as I am concerned. That isnt Warped's fault...nor Duhkat's nor anyone else's here in this thread...just the writers.

Here is to hoping for a degree of tighter writing in the sequel is all. They have rather large shoes to fill now that they are off to a clean start.

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