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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Luther Sloan, exactly how did you decide those were alternate timelines? They look totally random to me.

Or is what the point?

Sorry for not going into more detail. I should have given a reason for the changes in the time lines.

Here are my time lines again but with explanations...

__________________________________________________ ___

Core Star Trek Time Lines:

Time Line A:
(Prime Time l)

The Original Series Season's 1-3 - And it's 6 Films.
The Next Generation Season's 1-7 - And Generations
Deep Space Nine Season's 1-4
Deep Space Nine Season 5: "Apocalypse Rising" to "Blaze of Glory"
Voyager Season's 1-2
Voyager Season 3: "Basics Part ll" to "Distant Origin"

The Original Prime Time Line:

The first Prime Time Line (to our knowledge) that was not influenced by time in a major or noticeable way.


Time Line B:
(Prime Time ll: Nearly Identical But Slightly Different)

First Contact
Deep Space Nine Season 5: "Empok Nor" to "Call to Arms"
Deep Space Nine Season's 6-7
Voyager Season 3: "Displaced" to "Scorpion Part l"
Voyager Season's 4-7

A slight change in the Prime Time Line
(or a Nearly Identical Prime Time Line):

In First Contact the film: we see Picard reveal future life details and technology to two very important individuals within history (i.e. Lily and Cochrane). Such an occurrence would have logically influenced the Federation and Starfleet into becoming more advanced technologically. However, (despite a few minor little alterations or nitpicks and knowledge of the Borg's attack on Earth in the past) when Picard and crew returned back to their own time, there was no noticeable or major changes to the time line. This means that this is either a fixed (or altered) time line that Picard returned to or a nearly identical separate time line.


Time Line C:
(Separate Alternate Time Line)

Star Trek (2009)

A New Separate Diverging Time Line
(That co-exists with the Prime Time Line(s)):

Spock (from the 2nd Prime Time Line): creates a singularity in attempt to save his home planet. As a result: he gets dragged into the singularity and thrown into a separate alternate time line in the 23rd Century.

__________________________________________________ ___

Unexplained Star Trek Time Lines:

Time Line D:
(Unexplained First Contact / Temporal Cold War Time Line)

Enterprise Season's 1-4

An Unexplained Alternate Time Line:

On Enterprise: We see a time line that acknowledges the new changed events in First Contact. Also, in addition: the time stream gets altered even more with the event known as the Temporal Cold War, as well.


Time Line E:
(Unexplained TOS time line)

The Animated Series Season's 1-2

An Unexplained Alternate Time Line:

In the Animated Series: We see events in a very different light than the way we see them in the Original Series. Characters, places, and things are a lot more alien than what we have come to know within TOS.

__________________________________________________ ___

Side Note l:

Further explanation on First Contact...

Side Note ll:

If you or anyone else is interested, you can check out my full viewing order of Star Trek in my following post...

Thank you.

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