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Re: You know what's creepy about Amy?

Actually Hermiod was talking about people making comments behind people's back. I don't think Captcalhoun's count as being behind your back

But you know what, he has a point. You hate RTD, you hate everything thing he does, everything about him. We get it, seriously we do. We get it because you insist on pointing it out in practically every post you write (or at least it feels like that).

Frankly its boring, and worse than that its tiring, and it means that its hard to actually get to some of the really interesting things you say sometimes.

Because everyone on this board has something interesting to say at one time or another; be it me, you, Captcalhoun, Wamdue, Sci, EMH, The, Captain Pike, Kelso, WillsBabe...everyone of us, because we all love Doctor Who in some way shape or form.

Most of us keep our more extreme views (whatever they might be) out of the way for most of the discussions. I don't need to put in every post how disapointing I found the Dobbie/Jesus Doctor concept, or how lousy I found the notion of 10.5, or the TARDIS dragging the Earth...

Nobody's saying you have to love RTD or kiss his arse or anything like that, but constantly going on and on about how shit you think he is (and he isn't, if you can't see he has talent then I almost pity you- skewed annoying egotistical talent and I think Moffat has more, but its there nontheless) just makes you sound like you're a twelve year old. An articulate 12 year old for sure...but 12 all the same.

I know you think everyone hates you or is attacking you for no good reason, but the truth of the matter is, if enough people tell you your hair is on fire, it might be worth looking in a mirror just to check for yourself.
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