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Re: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Discussion & Grading

There were so many little things that annoyed the shit out of me, too. Nancy's Mom can afford that house as a fucking flight attendant!?! Then there's the blonde girl, can't remember her name, but she died like Tina in the original, was it just me, or did her and her Mom look practically the same age? Then dude injects a shitload of epinephrine into himself, gets all high, but then falls asleep not 2 seconds later?

I thought the bravest thing they could have done was make Freddy innocent. When they were suggesting that, I thought it was a ballsy, brave move if they went for it and would definitely elevate the movie. But then, of Freddy really did coax the children into his hole in the wall cave that no child would ever go into because of how scary it is.
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