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I don't remember Scotty futzing with the crystals in "The Paradise Syndrome"...

Watch at 16:32.

@Mytran - I don't know about an auto-power down feature as the ship's engines are at full power and Scotty non-chalantly walks over and ejects the dilithium crystal assembly to look at it and tell Spock it is failing.

If the reactor did an auto-shutdown, then based on the last known info about starting back up the engine it'd take minutes to do the "imploding engine restart" from "The Naked Time".

But I don't think the reactor ever shutdown as the dialogue and fx implied the reactor was running but Scotty's actions just took power away from equipment downstream.
Well, Scotty refers to dilithium circuits, as in plural. But when he opens that one unit, the bridge lights go out. Even though it appears that the crystal still has power running through it, since it 's glowing.
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