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Re: How do Niners feel about TNG?

As mentioned before in other threads, I originally got sucked into Trek because of TNG. I was a huge fan and it took me a long while to accept or get into any other series, especially DS9 when it first came out.

But after I wore myself on TNG over the years, and dabbled into a few DS9 episodes beyond the first couple of seasons, I grew more impressed with DS9..... to the point now where I consider DS9 better then TNG.

But that isn't to say I hate TNG now or like it less then I did before, in fact, TNG does touch on a few things a lot better then DS9 does, but so does DS9 in some areas in regards to TNG.

Each have their pros and cons. Where TNG is superior to DS9 is in character development, DS9 sacrificed some of their character development for more action based story lines, which is where I can only see any major difference between the two overall.

Some feel TNG is a bit bland and boring because the action isn't consistent and it's more talk & thinking then anything else, and others feel DS9's characters are shallow, one dimensional people who revolve around war and action to substitute what is missing that's not there from TNG..... but both are exaggerations and a bias for one or the other.

I personally appreciate both in equal fashion but for different reasons. Since TNG was what brought me into trek in the first place, I hold no justification to trash TNG in anyway.

And that's why this Niner is so superior in the first place.... because I don't pass judgment on either I personally like DS9 more then TNG but only in a marginal degree of difference.
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