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Re: Where did Spock go?

The Major Star Trek Time Lines:

Time Line A:
(Prime Time)

The Original Series Season's 1-3 - And it's 6 Films.
The Next Generation Season's 1-7 - And Generations
Deep Space Nine Season's 1-4
Deep Space Nine Season 5: "Apocalypse Rising" to "Blaze of Glory"
Voyager Season's 1-2
Voyager Season 3: "Basics Part ll" to "Distant Origin"

Time Line B:
(Prime Time: Nearly Identical But Slightly Different)

First Contact
Deep Space Nine Season 5: "Empok Nor" to "Call to Arms"
Deep Space Nine Season's 6-7
Voyager Season 3: "Displaced" to "Scorpion Part l"
Voyager Season's 4-7

Time Line C:
(Separate Alternate Time Line)

Star Trek (2009)

Time Line D:
(Unexplained First Contact / Temporal Cold War Time Line)

Enterprise Season's 1-4

Time Line E:
(Unexplained TOS time line)

The Animated Series Season's 1-2

In other words:
Old Spock comes from Time Line B. A time line that is nearly identical to Time Line A (The Prime Time Line), but slightly different.
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