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Re: Re-branding Smallville as a Superman show (spoilers up to S9 final

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Smallville already is a Superman show. It has always been a Superman show. It was never a prequel, except possibly in the first season or two.
But that's the thing, it isn't. It's a Clark Kent show. It uses established characters from the Superman and DC mythos in general, but the show has always been about Clark Kent. For all it teases and sets things up, this show is not about Superman. It's about how Clark becomes Superman.
See that's where I'd argue. It's not about how Clark Kent becomes Superman at all. There is no real sense of Clark evolving towards a life as a public superhero, there's just "the adventures of a superpowered young man" and meanwhile they've used every stand by of the Superman mythos to spin Superman stories. The nods to the costume are the entire presence of the traditional Superman identity within the show - heavily reimagined to be sure, but there's nothing missing except for the public presence of a superhero named Superman. You can certainly argue that this means it cannot ever be a true treatment of the Superman mythos but I'd simply respond it is Superman in all but name and tights.

And really, when you approach it that way - it's a far less frustrating experience, and a somewhat more interesting interpretation than any traditional Superboy or Superman series could ever have been. That is, if you forget the largely terrible writing.
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